Lauren Boyd
  Romance Novelist

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Did You Know...

-The original working title of Baking Love was A Recipe For Love. A couple of days before I submitted the completed manuscript to literary agents and publishers, my husband and I decided to try and come up with a stronger title. I wrote down our ideas one night while sitting on our back porch. He suggested "Baking Love". As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the perfect title for the manuscript. I still have the piece of paper where I wrote "Baking Love" that night.

- The original first chapter of Baking Love was cut in the early stages of editing because my editors and I agreed it was more "tell" than "show". Aside from that, it didn't contribute much to the overall story.

- The original name of Cecilia Prescott's character was Camilla Prescott. However, I realized Camilla and Kate would sound like the English royal family, so I changed Camilla to Cecilia in the final stages of editing.

- My husband and I got to kiss each other twice during our wedding ceremony because the photographer missed the shot the first time we kissed.