Lauren Boyd
  Romance Novelist

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Excerpt from Baking Love


“The bakery looks terrific,” Eric commented as he scanned the space.


“Francis takes good care of this place, doesn’t she?”

Kate blinked. “My grandma passed away five months ago.”

Eric’s gaze shot to hers. “No.”

“Yeah. She had a heart attack.”

His face fell. “Kate, I’m so sorry. I hadn’t heard. Are you alright?”

She forced a smile. “I’m hanging in there.” I need to redirect this conversation so I’m not bawling when Cecilia walks through the door. “What brings you to town?”

“Actually, I need to order a cake.”

“Oh? What’s the occasion?”

Before Eric could answer, the bells on the front door jingled again. Kate looked and saw Cecilia, Loraine, and an older gentleman she immediately recognized entering the bakery. Walter Prescott, the renowned Manhattan businessman. Suddenly, it clicked. He’s Cecilia’s father…and the reason cost isn’t an issue for this wedding cake. “Good morning,” Kate greeted them. She realized her nerves had vanished at the sight of Eric and returned at the sight of Cecilia and her father.

“Good morning,” they replied. While Walter and Loraine sat down at the table, Cecilia walked over to Eric. She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

Kate frowned. What’s she doing?

After they’d kissed, Kate shifted her gaze quizzically between them. “You know each other?”

For the first time, Cecilia smiled at her. “Eric is my fiancé.”

Surely you jest. Kate’s eyes darted to Eric for confirmation. As if reading her mind, he nodded.

I must’ve entered an alternate universe.