Lauren Boyd
  Romance Novelist

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The Cover for Baking Love

Here's what Marion Sipe, cover artist for Baking Love, had to say about her work:

"As to my thought process, I could tell you wanted something different, something sophisticated and classic, which is why I selected the wedding cake. I chose the woman because, in addition to the wedding connotations with the champagne, the fact that she's about to drink, but hasn't yet, creates a sense of anticipation and tension for the cover. Plus, she's sexy, but in a sophisticated way.

"With the foreground elements being light and bright red, the background needed to provide contrast. The designs reminded me of a wedding invitation, and the black background needed to be livened up, and I thought it would add some interest.

"The font is called Broadway, and I chose it because it, too, is romantically sexy and evocative. The contrast in red and white ties in with the coloration of the cover and gives it a more cohesive feel. I just liked the heart instead of an "o". I thought it added a touch of humor and whimsy, so that the cover wasn't so serious."

- Marion Sipe,